Decades of experience, since 1971: ATC‘s roots date back to the early seventies when ATC Air Transport Consul­tants Ltd. was estab­lished in Switzerland as a charter broker.

1979 – ATC estab­lishes itself as a pioneer in the field of Cargo General Sales Agency and Management Services for scheduled airlines. Over the next few years, ATC success­fully expands and …


Our mission is to be the leading Cargo GSSA in the world, led by the experience and expertise of our carefully selected team of top air cargo management specialists.

Our vision is to expand our organi­zation and grow our business across the globe. Our aim is to set the highest standards of excel­lence in the Cargo GSSA business, through high quality and trans­parency in our service delivery. We always strive to profes­sionally promote our partner airlines’ growth while serving our mutual customers at the highest profes­sional level.

More and more leading airlines around the world continue to choose ATC Aviation Services as their preferred GSA/​GSSA partner. We know that the satis­faction of our partners, our customers, our employees, and our investors is the corner­stone to successful, sustainable, and profitable business growth.


Good work is not done by a company, but by the people who work there.

That‘s why our customers are more relaxed than others. Because they know that we are there for them.

All around the world. Not only are we fluent in all primary languages, we are also familiar with the cultural and appli­cation speci­ficities of each country. We know the require­ments and regula­tions and know what is important.


Our vast experience and our inter­na­tional network, built over the decades since 1971, make us the perfect partner for your air cargo require­ments. Our approach to GSA management is flexible, and our services can be tailored to meet almost any need. Whether your require­ments call for complete outsourced cargo sales and opera­tional management solutions, or a hybrid solution, ATC Aviation Services is your one source for Total Air Cargo Management. We take care of the details, leaving you more time to focus on your core business activ­ities.

Our Staff

Everyone who works for ATC Aviation contributes to our success. Our people are our greatest asset, and we are proud of our highly trained and motivated staff. Our business revolves around quality, and our qualified people make it happen.

Our Management

Our managers and executive leadership teams have been carefully selected from among the top levels of the global air cargo industry.


Experience is what our customers appre­ciate about us.

Leading through experience“ therefore not only describes our claim, but is an existential component of our corporate philosophy. Ask our airlines why we are always a tad better than others.

Our managers and executive leadership teams have been carefully selected from among the top levels of the global air cargo industry.